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Paris France Parking has a team of professional car washers. Our staff have undergone a rigorous selection procedure, based on their experience and performance. They will take care of your car is if it were their own!

Paris France Parking also offers the very best high-pressure technology

High-pressure washing delivers a scratch- and mark-free result and allows you the clean the dirtiest parts of the bodywork without scrubbing. This protects your vehicle from the scratches often caused by the brushes or rollers in automatic car wash machines.

Service available at :
Parking Gambetta : 211 avenue Gambetta - 75020 Paris

Parking Pyrénées du Clos : 4 rue du Clos - 75020 Paris

Valeting option

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Relax and leave your vehicle with our expert wash and valet team. Your vehicle will be as good as new!

Exterior cleaning

  • Manual pre-wash
  • Rim degreasing and cleaning
  • Wash foam spray
  • High-pressure rinse Manual drying (bodywork + windows)

Interior valeting

  • Dashboard and passenger compartment dusting and cleaning
  • Seat dusting and vacuum
  • Window and boot cleaning
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Exterior cleaning 20 €22 €27 €
Interior valeting 25 €27 €30 €
Full clean and valet 39 €45 €55 €


Type A : Hatchback (Clio, Mini, Polo, C3, Smart, etc.)
Type B : Saloon (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc.)
Type C : Estate, MPV, 4x4, etc.


Full clean and valet : interior + exterior + manual drying

Interior: dashboard, vacuum, dust, trunk, window cleaning
Exterior: bodywork, rims, bumper, windscreen



Rim restoration: 5 €
Heavily soiled vehicle: 8 €

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Two-wheeler parking in Paris

Self-service option

We have a range of the latest equipment at your disposal:
Exterior cleaning: Coin-operated high-pressure wash machine
Three wash cycles:

  • Wash: Active foam to remove as much grease as possible
  • Rinse: Pressurised fresh water to rinse and remove impurities
  • Finish: Low-pressure purified water to deliver a mark-free result and superior shine

Interior cleaning with a coin-operated vacuum cleaner

Benefits: a low-cost solution and no appointment required!