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Cheap Parking in Paris - View our Rates!

Parking prices in Paris are much higher than elsewhere in France and the cost of on-street parking can go up to 10€ per hour

Save up to 50% on your parking costs by booking with Paris France Parking.
(1 day = 24 hours)*

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Trust us: Finding cheap parking in Paris or an available on-street parking space is almost impossible. Where one of these rare spaces does become available, you can only park for a maximum of two hours (Click here for more information). As well as the risks of committing an offence, there is also the possibility that your vehicle will be damaged or stolen. Our preferential rates, which are capped at 10€ per day for long-term stays, mean that you can leave your vehicle in good hands and at an affordable price.

Cheap parking Paris options

Those looking for cheap parking in Paris will quickly learn that on-street parking spaces and car parks are much more expensive in the capital city than elsewhere in France.
Many people living around Paris travel into the city each day for work, and have no choice but to bring their cars.
As a result, on-street parking spaces and car parks in central Paris are extremely expensive.
With the cost of a secure, long-stay car park in central Paris becoming prohibitive, we decided to slash the rates charged by our competitors while continuing to offer exemplary customer service.
It's unlikely you'll find free parking in Paris, but by choosing one of our low-cost car parks, you will save both time and money. You no longer have to battle through Paris' infamous traffic jams, and you get the peace of mind that comes with leaving your vehicle in a secure car park at an affordable price.

*Difference calculated against the average price recorded in Paris in the CLCV 2015 study (French national consumer and user association), based on a 24-hour fixed price.

Book your car park space with Paris France Parking and enjoy great prices in our low-cost car parks. Do you need to park close to a tourist attraction? Find out about our Champs Elysées car park, our car park near République and our car park near Tuileries. For more information, contact us or see our glossary.