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Daily parking

Parking space is in incredibly short supply in Paris and trying to find somewhere to park can be a real ordeal. The saturation rate for on-street parking in Paris has reached around 90%.
The only way to avoid parking fines, traffic jams and damage to your vehicle is to park it in a public car park in Paris.

Finding a parking space in Paris

Paris France Parking is the intelligent solution for parking in Paris.
It will save you significant amounts on your parking costs, and you will be able to park your car on a daily or weekly basis, with no stress.
You can book your space free of charge via our website and benefit from some of the cheapest parking rates in Paris.
You will also be able to use our "multiple entry/exit" service free of charge throughout your daily or weekly parking period, allowing you to use your vehicle however you wish, 24 hours a day.
What's more, you can rest assured that our experienced security guards will keep your vehicle secure in our car parks, day and night.

24 hours = 19,95 €

Save 15€*€

48 hours = 37,40 €

Save 32€*€

3 days = 49,95 €

Save 55€*€

4 days = 55,00 €

Save 65€*€

5 days = 60,00 €

Save 80€*€

6 days = 65,00 €

Save 80€*€

7 days = 69,90 €

Save 81€*€

8 days = 80,00 €

Save 83€*€

9-10 days = 85,00 €

Save 85€*€

11-15 days = 109,00 €

Save 86€*€

21 days = 129,00 €

Save 86€*€

30 days = 139,90 €

Save 86€*€

The indicated price includes the parking of a passenger car under 2.00 metres in height (hatchback, saloon, MPV, 4x4, etc.) for the period indicated.
Difference calculated against the average price recorded in Paris in the CLCV 2015 study (French national consumer and user association), based on a 24-hour fixed price.

Are you looking to park in Paris for a few hours or a full day at cheap rates? View our highly competitive rates. Find out about our car wash services. Why choose us? Find out about our services.

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